iTeckSys is one of the leading companies in India with hands on Alfresco implementation and customization experience. We have been involved with Alfresco enhancement as per the client's requirement and have successfully completed ample number of enterprise level Alfresco assignments on consultation, integration and customization projects. Our expertise in Open Source technology can help you switch over to Alfresco ECM as seamlessly as possible. Alfresco offers true Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and aspires to be "Documentum fast and free", and Alfresco can store a wide range of digital content in flexible, smart spaces. Content is accessible through a web interface, shared network folders, FTP, WebDav, and other methods to cover all the aspects to become a complete document management software. iTeckSys offers organizations users to set up Alfresco to process content in certain ways, according to business rules and workflow requirements. It can also apply version control to documents automatically, making it easy and safe to collaborate and update documents. Alfresco is regarded as the most powerful open-source enterprise content management system. Using Alfresco, administrators can easily create rich, shared content repositories.

iTeckSys Offerings for Alfresco Enterprise Content Management

  • Enterprise Content Management Conceptualization

  • Alfresco Document Management Repository

  • Share with Alfresco for intranet

  • Information Consolidation Assessment

  • Alfresco Requirements Spotlight

  • Fast Track to Alfresco

  • Record Management with Alfresco Community

  • Alfresco services Best Practices

  • Consulting on Alfresco Architecture

  • Alfresco Customized Training

  • ECM Implementation Roadmap