iTeckSys offerings are used to build true Enterprise Portal & Web Content Management solutions using industries best rated and adopted Open Source platforms like Liferay.

iTeckSys expertise on the following

  • Liferay Installation

  • Liferay Portlet Development

  • Liferay Extension Development

  • Liferay Customization

  • Liferay Implementation & Configuration

  • Integration of Liferay with Legacy Systems

  • Custom Application Integration with Liferay

  • Liferay Migration Solution

  • Architecture definition and framework development

  • Maintenance & Support

  • Designing & Developing new Content Centric applications, Collaboration & Workflow,
    Content Publishing, Records Management, Storage and Archival

  • Liferay Clustering Solution

  • Liferay Load Balancing

  • Liferay Performance Tuning Set up

Liferay is compatible with your IT infrastructure which runs on your existing application servers, databases and operating systems to eliminate new spending on infrastructure. It has a Flexible Scripting Support which runs on PHP, Ruby, Python, Grails and other lightweight scripting technologies within a robust Java framework.

iTeckSys enables the organization with Liferay open standards for content, portlets, web services and front-end technologies to reduce development cost by offering effective consulting and development customization Liferay services for Load Balancing, Performance Tuning and Clustering solutions..