Portals are playing an enormous role in increasing productivity of organizations by simplifying content publishing and access to information. A business Portal takes this to the next level by allowing creation of electronic dashboards and searchable directories that are tailored to the specific needs of organizations and users

iTeckSys focuses on the development of Enterprise Portal Solutions. Based on long-term experience with the Liferay Enterprise Portal/IBM WebSphere, iTeckSys offers you quick, target-oriented and cost-effective implementation of portal projects

iTeckSys’s portal solutions deliver effective communication and service experiences; increase customer profitability, while driving the customer service costs down. A portal may look like a Web site, but it is more than that.

iTeckSys will develop for you easy-to-customize portals, aimed at a wide group of employees, customers, partners, and other users, moving away from large, monolithic content and portal stacks to deploy flexible, repeatable web-oriented frameworks. This new approach delivers all of the benefits of a full corporate portal, but it also makes it easy for line-of-business managers to use and deploy portal technology. This makes portals more effective for end users while also reducing the amount of development resources required to deploy and maintain them.

iTeckSys’s Domain Advantage

  • Experts on portal technologies

  • Passion to deliver quality
    at competitive cost

  • Team of enduring web architects

  • Half a decade extensive know-
    how on portal space

  • Innovated Solutions

  • Leaders in open-source

  • One stop end to end portal solutions

iTeckSys’s Development Advantage

Competitive Cost

Customers want high end quality and secure portals at competitive cost. iTeckSys has made this a reality. Our choice of a proven and credible Open Source technology ensures minimum cost of the portal ownership. This has in no way diluted the portal security and quality. Open Source platforms are adopted by fortune 500 companies

Timely Delivery

Combining our solid business domain experience, technical expertise, profound knowledge of latest industry trends, passion for providing excellent customer service and quality-driven delivery model, we offer progressive end-to-end web solutions.

Expert Web Architects

While architecting a portal, the key aspects remain security of the data, scalability of the application and speed at which data is stored / retrieved. Our architects are specialized in designing portals considering all the above, through choosing cutting edge proven technologies

We maintain AND OR You maintain

Imagine having to contact web developers for every update of your portal? Not anymore. You or your any non-technical staff can add/edit any information with absolute ease, like using a word document. With a reasonable Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) in place, for any critical addition, change or issue that needs a fix, iTeckSys is always available

Rock Solid Portal Security

We give you peace of mind by protecting and securing your portal and its data all the time. Our specialized portal security team safeguards your asset on web from any individual’s / organization’s abuse or misuse.