Technology Consulting & Offshore

iTecKSys experts design and execute technology solutions using open source technology at enterprise level. We offer technological solutions either at your premises or from offshore locations.

We work closely with business and IT leaders worldwide to enable the execution of strategic initiatives designed to streamline a business function, enhance a major technology capability or even modify the enterprise itself. iTeckSys partners with clients to successfully accomplish business initiatives through value added technology solution. iTeckSys claims satisfaction when a completed initiative achieves the results senior management envisions

We have been successful in delighting our clients across the globe, with a 85%+ Retention Rate, We have numerous customer referrals and user accolades, few listed are Wipro, TCS, Congruent, Bluestar and more.

We primary work on these three models, however our models are customizable and flexible to meet your requirements:

  • Fixed Price Model

  • Time & Material Model

  • Hire Dedicated Resources/Team (Onsite/Offshore)

One amongst our Specialized Consulting Service is, Enterprise Architecture Assessment. Enterprise Architecture Assessment is designed to be the first step on your road to improving the alignment of your enterprise architecture with your business.Three Steps to Enterprise Architecture Assessment Success:

  • Assessment of existing Enterprise Architecture program

  • Benchmarking against industry-best practices and industry peers

  • Identifying areas of improvement